We’re growing up okay, right?


This two-person dramedy shares a glimpse of the last 24 hours best friends Allie and Mia live together after eight years. Spending their time drinking and reminiscing, Allie gears up to move in with her boyfriend while Mia struggles to come out to her mom. As they pack up their things, they unpack a lot of underlying insecurities.

Through this unique (and somewhat unhealthy) relationship, viewers take a deep dive into the mentality of two 20-somethings as they struggle to figure out who they are in the world and simply within their own lives.

How it came to be…

When college roommates and best friends Julia Karis and Emily Rekstis found themselves with extra time on their hands, they decided to do something productive with it. Emily a freelance writer and Julia an actress, it seemed like a natural step to put their talents together to develop a play. And what else would two people who think they’re the funniest in the room do other than write a comedy about themselves?

With absolutely no idea what they were doing, they sat down, dove into their relationship and combed through years of jokes that made them laugh the most. Based on their lives, struggles and friendship, they developed a scenario that they hope will make audiences laugh as loud as they did throughout the writing process.

After months of writing together over coffees and beers, they applied to the Capital Fringe Festival. Now that they’ve been accepted they’re nervous and excited to see months of work come to life, all with the help of their badass team of women.

Joining them in D.C. is close college friend, Kelly Hubbell starring as Allie. New friends also joining the production are Liz Callahan as the director and Alex Duncker as a producer. Hope to see everyone in D.C. this July!