We are thrilled to be a part of the Capital Fringe Festival this summer, but we need some serious capital to make this production a reality! Beyond the typical theatrical expenses of rehearsal space, lights, costumes and sound, we will have to travel back and forth between New York and Washington, D.C., several times throughout the month of July. It’s an exciting opportunity to expand our reach, however it comes at a cost.

Our fundraising goal is $8,000. A significant portion of this is dedicated to transportation. We need your help to reach this goal! Anything from $5 to fund a jar of pickles to $500 for cast and crew to get to and from DC is very much appreciated! Every dollar donated to Codependent goes directly toward the production since this is an independently produced show.

Scroll down to check out our suggested donation amounts or go to the bottom of the page for a more in depth breakdown of our budget and fundraising goal. If you aren’t able to support us monetarily, there are many other ways to help us reach our goal! Like and share our website and social media posts. Tell your friends and family – especially any in the DC area – about the show and invite them to see the production. Keep us in mind with any networking, business, or theater connections you may have. Volunteer some time to help us build couches, fold boxes, or pack cars. Sign up as a travel buddy for one of our numerous road trips. Most importantly, help us spread the word about Codependent!

To make a donation, click the button below.

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Thank you for your support!

Suggested Donation Amounts

$5 Donation – Jar of Pickles

You’ll have to come see the show to know why we need ’em!

$10 Donation – Coffee for the Team

Read: Lifeblood of the Team

$25 Donation – Moving Boxes

May be for practical or theatrical use

$50 Donation – Tank of Gas

It takes about 1.5 tanks of gas to get from NYC to DC

$75 Donation – Lunch on the Road

And drinks. And car snacks. And candy…

$100 Donation – Rehearsal Studio

It costs a lot to rent an empty room

$250 Donation – Probable Parking Ticket

We are doing a show in D.C., after all

$500 Donation – Sponsor the Closing Night Party

Comes with free invite to said party

Budget Breakdown

Wanna know exactly what we need $8,000 for? Check out the table below to see how our funds will be allocated for the production. If you or your business would like to sponsor a specific aspect of the production, email us at or fill out the form on the Contact page. You can also tell us what you would like your donation to go towards in the comment section on the PayPal donation form. 

The major categories and their totals are listed in bold with a few of
the key expenses of the category listed below.  It is not an itemized budget.